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Free zone Vranje

  • It has regional character and it is the only one at the South of Serbia.
  • Proximity to Corridor 10, at only 5km away.
  • Proximity to airports and ports: Thessaloniki 300km, Skopje 95km, Sofia 215km, Belgrade 347km.
  • The Vranje Free Zone was founded in 2014.
  • Free Zone covers the area of over 123 hectares.
  • It is located in the part of City determined by the Spatial plan for production activities.
  • 32 ha have been elaborated by the planning documents, while the remaining surface will be elaborated according to the investors needs.

Fiscal benefits

  • VAT is not paid for carrying the goods into free zone and providing to free zone users the transport and other services directly related to carrying the goods into free zone.
  • VAT is not paid for goods and services movement within the free zone.
  • VAT is not paid for goods and services movement between two zone users.
  • VAT is not paid by the production users for energy consumption.
  • Exemption of certain fiscal chargers for foreign direct investments.

Custom benefits

  • Custom department within the Free zone.
  • Simplified custom procedure for the Free zone users.
  • Export of goods and services from the zone and import of goods and services into the zone are free and customs and other charges exempted.
  • Exemption of Customs and other import charges for the goods needed for doing business and building of objects in the free zone.
  • Allowed temporary export of goods from the Free zone in order to be additionally processed or presented.

Local government incentives

  • Totally or partially exemption of paying of local taxes, charges and fees under the local government jurisdiction.

Financial benefits

  • Free movement of capital, profit and dividends.
  • Available funds from the Republic of Serbia budget for financing of investment projects in production sector and service sector that can be a subject of the international trade.

“User friendly” management

Free zone users have at their disposal the following logistic services per beneficial prices:

  • organization of transport
  • shipping
  • loading
  • agency services
  • insurance and re-insurance
  • banking activities, etc.



Slobodna zona Vranje

Phone: +381(0)17/428-940
Fax: +381(0)17/428-941
Director: Ivan Stojković

Free zones are...

Fenced and marked part of the Republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many business benefits. Preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simlified administrative procedure make free zones investment attractive. free zones represent highly developed centers of technology, telecomunications, modern infrastructure and industry and logistic support.