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Free zone "Priboj"

  • Municipality Priboj is located on a crossroad between Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Through municipality passes important roads towards Podgorica and Sarajevo, as well as railway Belgrade-Bar,
  • Distance from the Belgrade is 280km, Podgorica 200km, Sarajevo 160km and Užice 90km,
  • The Zone encompasses 26 hectares 90 acres and 69 square meters of land. It possesses 27.213 square meters of production space, 10.770 square meters of closed storage space, 9.084 square meters of open storage space and 5.183 square meters of office space.
  • The free zone is equipped with infrastructure (electricity, water, telephone, internal roads, sewer networks, wastewater networks),
  • Includes an area for brownfield investments of Finish company “SISU Auto”, as well as area for greenfield investments.


Free Zone Priboj

Free Zone Priboj

Address: 12. Januara 5/2, 31330 Priboj

Director: Milisav Šalipur

Tel: +381 64 250 47 64

email: sz.priboj@gmail.com

Free zones are...

Fenced and marked part of the Republic of Serbia's territory where activities are carried out with many business benefits. Preferential customs treatment, tax relief and simlified administrative procedure make free zones investment attractive. free zones represent highly developed centers of technology, telecomunications, modern infrastructure and industry and logistic support.